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[Basic Mumbo Jumbo]
::Location::new york
::Hair colour::strawberry blonde
::Eye colour::blue
::Shoe size::7
::taken or single::single!
::promote us and prove it! with a
::favorite foods::mashpotatoes, spunge candy, butterfingers, pineapple
::favorite bands::sublime, the dresden dolls,the smiths, the
distillers, bob dylan, misfits, sioux and the banshees, rancid, the
pixies, the cure, dropkick murphys, flogging molly, social
::favorite movies::requiem for a dream, drop dead fred, eternal
sunshine in the spotless mind, fight club, dracula, american history X,
::favorite smell:: pachoulli, eygptian goddess
::favorite books:: a catcher in the rye, the perks of being a
wallflower, rotten, fear of loathing in las veagas, harry potter...
::favorite author:: J.K Rowling, Hunter S. Thompson
::favorite intellectual::william neitchxzie
::favorite colour::green
::favorite language::gaelic
::favorite friend:: tracey
::favorite cd::jeeze...coral fang, bona drag, the dresdon dolls(self
titled), nuetral milkd hotel(self titled)
::favorite animal::liger!
::favorite quote::"live as if you'll die tomarrow, dream as if you'll
live forever"-James Dean
::favorite pair of shoes::my maryjanes!
::favorite article of clothing::my lesbian shirt that Jessi gave me!
::favorite place::my room
::favorite guy::buddy holly, bob dylan
::favorite girl::brody dalle, angelina jolie, bettie page
::favorite moderators(HINT HINT)::you?
::hobbies::jerkin' it;0
[Your Views]
::where did you find out about us::at beautious community
::why do you think you should be accepted? better have a good reason,
we're harsh::because im a red head...and you know you like that
shit..and i just had really strange exorcisms in my right leg (knee
::politicians::well..i despise george w. bush, kerry is better but not
the best...i miss bill.
::war:: all the wrong reasons
::ammunition::it's comnig from us
::Bush administration::it suckes, they just fired someone with 50 years
expierence for someone with about two...Bush doesnt want anyone woking
under his administration that knows what theyre doing because then
maybe they could see through his sneaky dirty lies, bastard.
::sexism::it's everywhere, and i dont think it's right.
::racism::i think Mr. Crack says it best!(LOC)
::feminism::well there is feminine girls, and too feminine...but i
think it's best to be somewhere in between. BANANA FONE
::death penalty::against
::media::that is what controls the world today. people dont relize it,
but people just let the media make up their mind and tell them what to
wear,and what music they should listen to, and if you should like a
certain band or hate it. People dont make up their own mind anymore
because the media does it for you.
::religion::i think that you should practice the religion that you
believe in, but don't flaunt it in people's faces and tell them that
they will go to hell if they don't practice it either. ::protests::most
of the time protests are not neccassarry, and can be very obnoxious and
ignorant, but sometimes if they are really needed i am all for them.
::drugs::when there is a limit put on drugs people feel the need to
abuse it, but when it is use in doses that aren't there is usually no
repercusions. ::alcohol::same^^
::vegans::i love vegans, but would never become once myself
::What do you think of labels::labels are something you can't avoid
these days. Even though I try to difer labeling people, myself, it's
hard to beat around the bush!
[LiGHTZ! CaMeRa! ACSHee-oN! 3 Pictures&a 150x150 of your trendy

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