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[Basic Mumbo Jumbo]

::Name:: Lindsay
::Age:: 15
::Sex:: Female
::Location:: suburbia near DC
::Hair colour:: brownish blondish.
::Eye colour:: brown
::Shoe size:: 9
::taken or single:: single
::promote us and prove it! with a link:: http://www.livejournal.com/users/_ohplease/319.html?view=123711#t123711


::favorite foods:: spaghetti!!! and cake frosting.
::favorite bands:: Billy Joel, Blink-182, Britney Spears, Carly Simon, Carol King, Cher,The Eagles, The Foundations, Frank Sinatra, Jack Off Jill, James Taylor, The Killers, Michael Andrews, Michael Jackson, Michael McDonald, Mozart, 'N Sync, Nat King Cole,Prozzak, Queen, Radiohead,The Ramones, The Righteous Brothers, Tenacious D, The Beatles, The Cure, The Doors, The Velvet Underground, Violent Femmes, Vivaldi.
::favorite movies:: The Little Mermaid
::favorite smell:: Mr. Sketch scented markers. Grape to be more specific.
::favorite books:: Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, The Outsiders, Matilda
::favorite author:: Chuck Palahniuk
::favorite intellectual::my Russian-Jew friend Masha
::favorite colour:: blue
::favorite language:: English. Et Francais, bien sur.
::favorite friend:: MASHA
::favorite cd:: Velvet Underground. The one with the picture of the banana on the cover. Which reminds me of Banana Fone. Ring ring ring.
::favorite animal:: guinea pig.
::favorite quote:: "Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someone's neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing?!" -Jack Handey
::favorite pair of shoes:: omg i have these kangaroos that are bright green, bright pink, yellow and turquoise. i call them my epilepsy shoes.
::favorite article of clothing:: my hollographic belt
::favorite place:: Old Towne, VA around Christmas. Oh and of course, my birthplace, New York City.
::favorite guy:: Fonzie.
::favorite girl:: yet again, Masha.
::favorite moderators(HINT HINT):: m i TR a, MaDaMe CHae, Mr. Sean A. D'Souza
::hobbies:: Field Hockey, making potholders, being nude.

[Your Views]

::where did you find out about us:: ahaha i looked up the interest "being trendy"
::why do you think you should be accepted? better have a good reason, we're harsh:: it would be really trendy and you guys seem really cool.
::politicians:: They just don't get enough done.
::war:: huh. what is it good for? absolutely nothing. i said... ahah actually it really depends, like i don't agree with how we basically went into Iraq without a plan and now that Iran has nuclear weapons we want to make a "peaceful" agreement. dude wtf, if we're going to fight with people, America should at least be consistent about it. Then again i wouldnt want to get into a war with iran. I feel like the world is so close to a world war right now.
::ammunition:: Guns are so not cool. I live near the NRA and just every day I'm hoping someone in there will go crazy and shoot everyone in it. I know this is ironic but it would just be very awesome.
::abortion:: It's my vagina.
::Bush administration:: We are in a war, he's killing social security, gay hating, taking away abortion rights. There is really nothing to like about it.
::sexism:: Stupid. Duh some people have penises and others don't, but there's no reason to be hating because of it.
::racism:: Such a waste of time.
::feminism:: It's cool unless you get carried away. Like dude the guy can open the door for you and please shave your arm pits. Actually i think guys should shave their pits too. Who wants to see their chunks of deodorant? Not me.
::death penalty:: dude if someone kills someone in my family, i don't want the government to kill them, i want to go out and do it myself. Death penalty is just a lose-lose situation.
::media:: I hate television news. It's never useful.
::religion:: Jesus loves you but everyone else still thinks you're an asshole. I don't like how people use the Bible to say that gay people are evil. I mean, in theory, god loves everyone. He doesn't have time to care where anyone puts their penises.
::protests:: Absolutely rant peacefully for what you believe in.
::drugs:: Crack is whack. Pot is not. Ahaha jk I'd never touch the stuff. I don't mind when other people do it though. It's just a waste of time kind of like how watching tv is. But drugs can be life ruining.
::alcohol:: If that's what makes you happy, okay. Just don't drink and drive. Three things:Alcoholics = no, Beer belly = no, Throwing up all over yourself = no.
::vegans:: They look kind of unhealthy to me. I could never live on only crackers and grass.
::What do you think of labels:: Umm stupid, although really necessary on meat products. I do like those "Hello, my name is..." stickers.

[LiGHTZ! CaMeRa! ACSHee-oN! 3 Pictures&a 150x150 of your trendy self!]

sometimes i like to cry and blast emo music and cut myself. HA. no.

my dad's glasses.

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