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::Name::Christina Regan ...friends call me cr
::Location::portsmouth NH
::Hair colour::blonde
::Eye colour::light green
::Shoe size::7-8
::taken or single::single ...sick of it though.
::promote us and prove it! with a link::


::favorite foods:: lobster, chicken, pizza
::favorite bands:: Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Counting crows, dispatch
::favorite movies:: legally blonde, remember the titans, secret window*
::favorite smell:: rubber
::favorite books:: angels and demons by dan brown
::favorite author:: Dan Brown
::favorite intellectual::
::favorite colour:: green
::favorite language:: english
::favorite friend:: justin
::favorite cd:: gutterflower -goo goo dolls
::favorite animal:: chocolate labs
::favorite quote:: don't ever depend on anyone because when you need them the most, they won't be there.
::favorite pair of shoes:: gucci, chinese laundry, or manolo blahnik
::favorite article of clothing:: abercrombie jean skirt..a ralph lauren polo
::favorite place:: the beach
::favorite guy:: ashton kutcher
::favorite girl:: naomi watts
::favorite moderators(HINT HINT):: of course you guys...
::hobbies:: modeling, shopping, field hockey, friends, online & others..

[Your Views]

::where did you find out about us::i dunno i found it somewhere
::why do you think you should be accepted? better have a good reason, we're harsh:: umm well if you're gonna be fucking bitches then i don't care but you seem pretty chill an i dunno? just to join i guess..
::politicians:: pointless, a bunch of adults arguing over money and who's in charge, fuck em.
::war:: drama.
::ammunition:: you can shoot people with it...something i'd never do though.
::abortion:: well of course it's sad...i mean you're killing a kid...but sometimes people make mistakes and you gotta do what ya gotta do...i mean if i got pregnant i wouldn't want my parents to know so i think i'd get an abortion even thoughhh it's bad, it's not like the kid's alive anyway yet and actually knows what's going on, it's not like you're actually shooting a little living kid. ya know?!
::Bush administration:: people don't realize that he actually does do some things, he can't do 1000000 things at once, i mean i don't even really like him but people need to stop saying fuck bush and all this shit cause it's so immature. he's our president, respect him as you would authority.
::sexism:: fuck being a sexist, you're supposed to love the opposite sex!
::racism:: now that's just mean, color doesn't mean anything. there's some hot black guys out there..HA
::feminism:: whatever..?
::death penalty:: who cares..if you kill someone, i think you should die too. unless it was for a really really really good reason.
::media: nosy bitches. making up tons of shit. oh well, i can't stop em so why care about em
::religion:: ohh very very important, i'm not a little religious girl or anything but to tell the truth i have a huge black friend who is so religious and tells my friend and i about god all the time, before him i never believed in god, but damn..religion is almost everything.
::protests:: oh you fuckers! get off the streets with your signs...NOONE CARES.
::drugs:: well you're gonna get pressured to sooner or later so you might as well try..just nothing extreme.
::alcohol:: getting drunk is fun...yeahhh...but sometimes i'm not in the mood.
::vegans:: most of my friends are, i'm definitely not. but if people don't wanna eat meat, who cares, it also may have to do with religion.
::What do you think of labels:: oh man, if anyone were where i'm'd have a totally new perspective on labels...everyone's labeled and it's mostly stereotypical..but what can you do about it?
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